How to choose the ideal speaker for your car?

The automotive speakers are well sought accessories for car drivers who love good music. But, it can't be any speaker. This is an item that needs to be very well chosen to compose your car stereo system, otherwise you will not have a sound with the desirable quality.

But then, how to choose this accessory better? Next, we'll show you how.

Adequate power

Among the various reasons why someone decides to buy a speaker for their car (or even change what they already have) is because they want a more powerful sound. The power, in turn, is measured in watts RMS. The tip, in this case, is to purchase a speaker with the highest possible power within your budget. It is also important to always consider the power of the accessory being measured in RMS and not in PMPO.

If your sound system is low powered, your speakers will automatically not need to be powered very much. If the opposite is true, that is, if you have a powerful amplifier system, this will require a higher load demand.

Right sensitivity

Sensitivity is nothing more than the sound pressure acquired through an electrical signal sent by the speaker itself. The measure to assess the sensitivity of any sound is the decibel (dB).

And, this is where the tip is: if your stereo is low-powered (around 15 watts RMS per channel), speakers with a high sensitivity rating (somewhere around 90 dB) will be the best choice. If you have a high power system (16 watts RMS or even more), speakers with lower sensitivity ratings will be the best option in this case.

Point frequency

Another question to be analyzed is regarding the frequency response that the speaker must have for its sound system, which is nothing more than the operating range. This is measured in Hertz, which is why you must measure your parameter of choice for your speakers.

For example, let's say that the measurement of a speaker is between 50 and 1000 Hz. This means that the most severe power of the device reaches 50 Hz, and the most acute, 1000 Hz. Therefore, it is to choose which device is more suitable to your personal taste.

Attention to speaker kits

There are speaker kits that can help when composing your sound system. We can classify them in two categories, which should be chosen according to the level of requirement you want: full-range speakers and composite speakers.

The full-range speakers are basically “all in one”, as they have all the necessary elements in one piece. His simplest system has a woofer for lower tones, and a tweeter to reproduce higher frequencies.

Certain models even have additional drivers, such as midranges or supertweeters. This is a system suitable for those who want to replace the factory sound system without needing new drilling, or even installing more complex devices.

The composite speaker systems, on the other hand, have separate woofers, tweeters and external crossovers, which guarantees much superior sound quality. To give you an idea, in this system, the tweeter separates from the woofer, which, being mounted separately, can provide a better resonance, producing a sound with greater depth.

In short, composite speaker systems are produced with better materials, and guarantee a "cleaner" sound, although they are obviously more expensive than full-range speaker systems. For further details, go here: car speaker

How about replacing speakers that are only defective?

There are two situations in which the purchase of new speakers occurs. The first is for burning the originals, and the second for those who have greater power at the will of the vehicle owner.

In case it is only by burning the original, the exchange needs to be made by the same type of speaker that was installed previously. Even preferably, the exchange needs to be the pair, even if only the right or left burn.

Special tools for machine shops: when you start having

The automotive repair market is quite competitive. There are a large number of establishments offering the most varied services. In this scenario, it is necessary to invest in order to stand out, buying modern equipment and special tools for a mechanical workshop.

In this way, not only will your efficiency increase, but car owners will have a different image of your establishment. In other words, it is an investment that reduces costs and improves your sales, winning more customers and increasing the chances of retaining them .

How to make the workshop more modern?

With the increasing competition between the workshops, it is more difficult to attract customers, who are not always able to research properly before choosing who will take care of their vehicles. Most of the time, they let themselves be carried away by intuition or follow indications from acquaintances.

Keep clean

Nowadays, cars are equipped with the latest technologies. Therefore, owners are more demanding about where they will leave their vehicles. Therefore, keeping the workshop always clean and tidy is essential to not lose customers just by the first impression. On the other hand, more organized environments also facilitate the execution of services.

Use apps

There are a number of applications, available for computers and smartphones, that can help in managing the finances , inventory and services of the workshop.

In addition, it is possible to hire a developer to create an application that allows customers to monitor the vehicle's status, communicate with their team and even make payments.

Invest in sustainability

Investing in sustainability , in addition to improving the image of the workshop, helps to make it more economical. Using techniques for reusing water, taking advantage of rain, conscientious disposal of fluids, recycling of parts and natural lighting avoids fines and reduces the consumption bills.

Get new tools

Having a new tooling improves car owners' perception of the professionalism of their establishment. It also makes services more accurate and faster, as the use of appropriate and efficient equipment facilitates the work of mechanics.

The investment in tools and equipment, as we have already said, is one of the most important to be done to create a competitive differential for your workshop. But do you know which items to buy? In the next topics, we will give you some tips.

What are the basic equipment for a modern workshop?

A modern workshop is able to offer varied services, in addition to being qualified to work with the latest car models. For this, it has the appropriate equipment, which makes services faster, safer and more accurate.

In this way, they help to reduce the time taken to occupy space, the amount of rework and warranty claims, which reduces costs. So, see below some of the good options to equip your workshop and differentiate it from the competition!

Tire Calibrator

It does not make sense to repair a car and, when the customer tests, realize that your tire is pulling or that the steering is heavy. Thus, delivering the car with the correct tire pressure will certainly count points with the owners.

Hydraulic winch

The hydraulic winch is used to lift heavy components, such as engine blocks, which can be moved to the workbenches or simply lifted up to facilitate the mechanic's work. It is a device that gives technicians more security, preventing accidents and injuries, in addition to making services faster.

Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is essential for working with current vehicles, as it checks for faults in components that work with fluid pressure, such as those in the brake , engine cooling, lubrication and fuel supply systems. To get more ideas, check out: mechanic tools

Digital steering aligner

The digital steering aligner calculates the wheel angles and assists in the correction of imperfections. Thus, with each service performed, which affects the tires, wheels or suspension, your workshop can make the alignments on its own, without having to outsource them.

In addition to this equipment, there is a need for special tools that assist in specific jobs, making them more agile. Next, we will deal with them.